Places to look

Prom Queens part II
some of your best buys might come from shops you've never wanted to enter. don't let any shops pass your scrutiny. just make sure you tune up your taste/quality checks at these places. the idea is to walk away with an unbelievable buy.

-- Think thrift shops hunting. This Fashion is a great start. it's really so much fun and the prices are amazing. the outlet at paya lebar post office is huge. the chinatown one isn't too bad either. every outlet stocks different outfits just so you know. also try shops in suburban malls like BYSI and Sense. and there's always the salvation army thrift shop at praisehaven. you could try Bugis street market too. and definitely Far East Plaza!

-- Departmental stores can have great finds too. Metro (paragon), Robinsons, Takashimaya and Tangs.

-- Off the beaten tracks. Haji Lane has at least 5-6 shops selling quirky dresses/ladieswear at reasonable prices. also shopping malls out of your usual town-route: Plaza Singapura, The Cathay, Raffles City, City Link, Suntec, Stamford House where Baylene and Nicolas is (they were having a sale some time ago, it could still be on if you go soon!).

if you're wondering, we do stock dresses and will be getting lots of new stock next sat 18 Oct if it's not too late for you! and hey, we're wondering if you'll like us to post about hairstyling for proms?
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ingenue said...

Hey you! I never had a prom. Boo. Haha, it would have been fun. Anyway just wanna tell you "thanks" for the tip on BB - we really had alot of fun. Wish you were there to join us!


soon lee said...

hi! no problem at all. glad you guys had too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Is it possibe if you let us view the dresses or clothes you sell over here at your blog? I'm also wondering what is the price range. thanks:)

Anonymous said...

where are the new stocks from? overseas? are they expensive?

lynn said...

thank you so much for all your help!! :) i'll definitely be checking out those gowns at your store!

fluffyDandelion said...

do you stock any maxi dress this time round?

soon lee said...

hi fd, no not this time round. but we do have quite a variety of styles that's worth a look!