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It's been some time, but this space has not been forgotten we promise! We have a huge project ongoing for some time now and can't wait to tell you about it. We're all still working triply hard to make sure everything turns out just right, so WATCH THIS SPACE! Meanwhile, you've got to follow us on our other social media channel because we have some really fun things slated for the next festivity.

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Absolutely loving the idea of a swan boat, dressing ourselves up with dramatic white feathers, and that beautiful snow-white peacock. Here's to another year of creative living, inspired travels, satisfying work and great family connections. 


This white-on-white holiday decor is so nice. More pretty ideas here.



If you're a mother/en-route to becoming one/or just about to get married, have you made or do you have any offspring plans? We saw this very cute post on Cup of Jo (and with more and more ladies around us becoming mothers), just had to link you to it too. How many children are you planning to have? Joanna just had her second, and wonders when it would get easier. Has it for you? What do you make of your life adjustments after having a baby? 

While Hollywood celebrities can put their movie-making careers on hold (lucky Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman!), most of us dust off our work bags and march back to work 4 months after maternity. What do you do when you love your job as much as your children? Have you felt at any point that you have had to compromise on something? Things of course would - and should never - be the same. And though the realities of balancing isn't fun and games, we say go about it with the best spirit we can muster(!).

Have you heard of Sheryl Sandberg? She wrote a book last year called Lean in, and has been effecting very interesting debates and conversations about women, work and family balance ever since. You HAVE to see this article: Sheryl Sandberg discusses pregnancy at work, click here for the link.

On another note, how super sweet is this one-year old birthday party? See the rest of the party over here, and get some cool ideas for your little offspring!


How pretty. If you're quite the pie maker, you will like these pie-topper ideas!



3 years and 31 visits to the world's most remote tribes, photographer Jimmy Nelson has a stunning documentary to show for. A breathtaking photo project showcasing the world's disappearing tribes. When we got wind of this in the office, our hearts quite literally stopped. You HAVE to see the images. They are beyond beautiful. www.beforethey.com


This is the cutest. Robin Thicke sings Blurred lines with Jimmy Fallon and the very cool The Roots band. Look out for the classroom instruments! Here's to a great new week.



If you feel like you haven't been hearing much from us here on the blog, you are absolutely right(!). We've been really rolling out new things in the store - have you seen them? - and working to get our Facebook updates on track. And we're super excited to tell you that our Instagram account is finally up too!

In the shop now, new shoes, new clothes, new bags, and yes, even more new things to come in the days to follow. Follow us on any of these four channels to catch our latest news: Facebook, Instagram, E-mailer (join our mailing list on the right-hand-side of this blog!), and our shop Blog.

We also promise to still put up interesting reads and gorgeous visuals on this blog, just with a little bit more time than before (because new goods can't/shouldn't wait!). 



No matter the trade you're in, this could make a great inspiration: Be good - and authentic - at what we do. And then have faith that it will all come through eventually. Here's to prosperity, phenomenal projects, pay raise, and awesome work reputation(!). More of such eye candy over here.


SHOP UPDATE: New arrival, Mar Y Sol

And you thought you have all the bags you would need(!). You don't have a fun/leisure/weekend bag until you got yourself a beachy-straw number. We love them in all shapes and sizes, from clutches, basket tote, to an unexpected hobo-style. The clutches though, were really what stole our hearts: Too cute for wedding lunches, strolls at museums, and definitely for glamourous night outs. Pretty clutches that are big enough for phones, slim wallets and can even fit that small makeup pouch for touch-ups.

New Mar Y Sol arrivals are out in Soon Lee now.



Because Mondays signify the start of a new week. And the idea of a fresh start is very motivating. Also because Mondays remind us we're gainfully employed / lucky enough to be studying / excited to be able to (literally) do something. Because Blue is our new black. Which means having the Monday blues is the chicest thing we can be experiencing. But why waste time feeling blue? We say, wear it as a badge of honour, and run the world like we should(!).


SHOP UPDATE: New arrival, Aijek

From an awesome little white dress, the cutest cropped bustier top (a little bit of trend gives us that extra hop in our step!), to the breezy, superbly flattering short dresses AIJEK is so well loved for. And you know how we love a good multi-tasker: We see blouses good from work to drinks with the girls, dresses cut perfectly for that anxious first (or exciting second) after-work date, and definitely colours and prints made for cheerful outings with the husband.

Available in the shop now, visit us at our Facebook for more product updates!



Beautiful Tim Walker photo shoot with a wonderfully named lion. See more of the photos here.



We delved further into 
Nicole Warne's blog, found these amazing photos you see here, and have them - and Paris - firmly pinned/tucked/archived in our To-Travel list. For a holiday of a totally different kind, the devastatingly beautiful Zhang Jia Jie mountains in China has been on our post-it since Avatar. In case you want some quick inspirations for more offbeat travel destinations, see here, and here, and we even found tips on how you just might be able to explore Paris with kids in tow(!).