cute stuff from minor details, via cup of jo. top pic, coolest storage unit ever by jonas wagell. 2nd pic Animus by seonna hong.


rach said...

Hi Soon Lee girls,

I was wondering if you could share with me/us how it was to start a boutique of your own. It's been a dream of mine, which probably won't make it to reality soon, but doing my homework now sure helps! I've tried looking on the Internet but most sources are from US and their start ups would definitely differ from us in SG..

It would really be helpful, even if it's a general guideline on how to go about running a business such as yours! (:

Thanks in advance, even if you may choose not to answer this for confidentiality sake! Appreciate the lovely clothes you bring anyway!


soon lee said...

hi rachel, email us at soonleeinfo@gmail.com? we'll see how we can help!