It's officially official

we've been appointed as one of the exclusive stockists for swedish jeansmaker Dr Denim. their new collection (gorgeous cuts in the most amazing denim washes!) will be available at soon lee on 18 Aug Monday. Dr Denim is also at wooonderland and hide & seek.


Ms Bamboo said...

What sizes do they come in? I'm short and plumpish.

laila said...


I love your shop. I remember how we all BAZAAR interns used to gush over how cozy the shop is (and wanna move in to live inside), heh.

anyway, I am looking forward to the bloggers gathering at your place :)

can we swap links too?

thanks! love!


soon lee said...

ms bamboo, we definitely have something for you!

hey laila, we'll see you at SL very soon!

jeanette said...


Jeanette here! The jeans that you told me about right! =)Cool! Shall visit soon.

steph said...

that's awesome. I've been looking for a new pair of jeans that flatter pear shaped figures (i haven't really had much luck) and i recently spotted a super cute beige/khaki cropped jacket there which i'm totally going to get soon. Hahas. I'll definitely be heading down this week, see you!

soon lee said...

hello jeanette, this is the one!

steph, ah yes we know the jacket you're talking about. & we think we have the right pair of jeans for you too!

Charissa said...

that's great to hear! are you guys stocking the spring 2008 collection?

soon lee said...

it's the fall/winter collection that we have in store- with the classic lines like snap, mauser in new colours!

giant peach said...

Wow Dr Denim, cool!! Great job you guys, have always wanted to get a pair. Will definitely swing by to check it out :)

melly said...

do they come in skinny fit??

soon lee said...

hello melly, yes they do!

Anonymous said...



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