More things to do!

lots of artsy little events happening. there's a photography exhibition of lin weidong's works at casual poet, from now till 14 sep. also kaifeng and his twin brother are having a show called For Mr. & Mrs. Children at the Post-Museum in little india from 30 aug - 21 sep. we'll post a reminder when more details are up on the site.


pea said...

lovely site. Hope to check out your shop soon!

soon lee said...

thnks pea, see you around!

Kaifeng said...

Hello Soonlee!

Here's info of our show.
Please come and thanks very much for the publicity.

For Mr. & Mrs. Children

Twin brothers Chun Kaifeng and Chun Kaiqun are displaying an art-as-child's-play aesthetic for their first combined solo exhibitions.

At the heart of it all, both artists have much to say about the country they have grown up in. They lampoon amusement parks in an oblique way of questioning why Singapore's tourism image is driven by economic initiatives that can do with more imagination; why childhood past-times have evolved to a sterile, character-less ghost of yesteryear's dirt-under-fingernails' games; or why people are paying money to entertain themselves literally to a spiritual death.

Whatever the answer, fun is definitely a main element in this exhibition – streaked with cruelty, danger and violence.

Opening: Sat, 30 Aug 2008, 7.30pm
Exhibition Dates: 30 Aug - 21 Sept 2008

Gallery Hours: 6-10pm (Tue-Fri) and 12-10pm (Sat&Sun)
Venue: Post-Museum, 107&109 Rowell Road S208033 Singapore
Admission: Free
Enquires: Call (+65) 6396 3598 or e-mail admin@post-museum.org