Say hi to Bamboo

last weekend, my girlfriends and I did a small breakfast party for a very dear friend who is setting off to another island to pursue love & life. we got her an adorable toy from makisquarepatch to bear our hopes, love and well wishes for her. she promptly named him Bamboo, and we all had too much fun fiddling with his straggly limbs.


Ms Bubbles said...

Bamboo is so cute!

:) chuns said...


actually he was made by me and put on consignment with maki squarepatch! i forgot to tag him :X haha but how coincidental! glad to see he's found a home, and aptly named!


soon lee said...

omg chunyi! he's made by you? what a wonderful coincidence! haha. i'm glad he's a he, that you liked his name and rest assure that he's found the best owner you can imagine. come look for us when you get back k

:) chuns said...

haha yes xD

of course i will!