If you happen to be/live in London

there's this exhibition happening from July 18. Fashion In The Mirror explores the world of fashion photography from the 50s to now. Go behind the scenes of the image-making process with 21 leading international photographers such as Richard Avedon, Nick Knight, Steven Miesel, Norman Parkinson, Juergen Teller and Tim Walker. at The Photographer's Gallery in London.

then there's also Photography against consumerism, by Hans Aarsman who invites us to consider our compulsion to own, to keep & to collect. Aarsman suggests using photography as a way to slim down the addiction to material things, and utilising it as a space & money-saving device. interesting idea(!). but erm, we'll have to at least buy a new upsized memory card to kick start this exercise.

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M.wang said...

Man I miss London so much!!