oh wow

this margiela gift bow ring is amazing. via fashion addict diary. ALSO, don't forget karen cheng's hot date with us all at clarke quay tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

hi there!
i'm quite a fan of soon lee and i really wanted to voice something but i didn't know where i could do that. so anyways, i just really wanted to know how come you don't open on time? i've been to haji twice after 2pm and soon lee wasn't open. you did state you'll be open from 2. it was esp disappointing ytd when i brought some friends from overseas to the shop. given it was about 2 and i know being "fashionably late" in this line is always cool, but shouldn't you open promptly for business?
anyways, still a fan, just that i think i've learned my lesson. i'll come much later then 2pm

Vain and Vapid said...

I love these... then again, I love most things by MMM.

soon lee said...

hey a, we're so sorry about your experience & we'll turn over a new leaf! we've had some shop preparation issues we were sorting out, so thanks for being so patient with us. you will get to see SL promptly from now on, it's a promise!

v&v, MMM rocks(!).

Natasher Beamo said...

anyway, where can i get that gold ring and how much does it really cost?

care to mail me? missbeamo@hotmail.co.uk

Joanna Goddard said...

how lovely!!

soon lee said...

hey natasha, check your email!

jo, sigh yes, it's too cute!