Have a great sunday!

so it was a great party! thanks to all the SL babes who made it and to the ladies who chanced upon us for the first time yesterday in part because of the silly little spectacle we created with the awkwardly done up balloons & the adorable (sweetest) ice-cream uncle ever! we're happy to report that 80% of the lollipops, balloons and ice-cream were given out. thank you so very much for this! while we hatch more exciting plans for our err-hmm 'next financial year', we'll be serving up more apparels and such (we love that you love the new erasers we brought in!).

on totally different notes, we so envy the FN girls for making it to the night festival at the national museum! and, style bubble (top pic credit) has been giving us nice ideas on pastel-y & nude-ish shades while ms spinach has announced her draw for the book (and it wasn't us!). we're also really loving this idea of tea tourism and check out these cool, easy to achieve ideas to spruce up your existing outfits.


kamz said...

sorry i couldnt make it..

i was gettin drunk in batam..and helpin the toilet huggers that nite..

hope it went greeeeat!

soon lee said...

hello kamz, haha, how can we blame you- you were saving the world! we'll see you around some other day k.

huilin said...

hello! thanks for the lovely buttons!

Anonymous said...

Hey i chanced upon your shop that day and i loved it.

Will pop by more often. Cheers to a more successful year ahead!

soon lee said...

hello h & a, see you around!