And, the winner is...

finally! thank you everyone for your most wonderful answers. we were hoping to learn a little more about some of you through this so thank you for inspiring us with your little stories!

in fact, we got so much more out of this than we expected (the humour, the touching bits, the surprising muses), we've decided to give ALL 24 of you the badges! we just couldn't bear the thought of any of you being subjected to the fate of a draw(!).

so all you have to do is email us at soonleeinfo@gmail.com with your full name (if you live in singapore) and also your shipping address (if you live elsewhere) and we'll be in touch with collection/delivery details.

thanks for all the love and well-wishes! it's been so rewarding having soon lee. we hope to be around for you girls for many more years to come. see you tomorrow!

more of kate's adorable birds here.


Kamz said...

Thank You Cher & WL!!!!!!!!

The first evea competion i have ever won in!! its hard to keep the tears back..

Love ya

kirmizi kemik said...

me too:)))

Anonymous said...

happy birthday soon lee! haha i went down and was awarded with ice cream woohoo (dipped in free lollipops too)

melly said...

i'm late but this is great, turning one!

soon lee said...

hey you all, thnks for particpating/visiting/wishes!!