Coming full circle

a year ago, WL & i chanced upon a lovely passage of words by karen cheng. we had it printed and framed up in the shop. some time ago this year, upon the request of a young, handsome male customer, we typed out those same words and emailed it to him, excitedly anticipating his possible usage.

last week he - simon - wrote to us. those words were dedicated to his young wife who had passed away earlier this year. he'd asked his wife in a prayer for a sign that she is ok where she is now. the next day simon walked passed our shop barely paying attention to it. a short distance later though, felt compelled to go back. that was when the passage found him.

in the same week, we read karen's very touching post on her husband's battle with cancer and how they both fought through it. we also found out from simon a little more about the life he'd shared with his wife. we hope both karen's and simon's stories can inspire great things & good love in your life.

beautiful photographs from her, through her.

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