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some time ago, karen of snippets of life wrote a passage about her relationship with her husband. we had it printed and framed up in the shop because it's the kind of thing you want to read over and over again. 2 weeks ago, a male customer requested for the passage to be emailed to him. i dreamt up incredibly romantic reasons to why he would need those words and said yes immediately (gently reminding him of IP rights of course). so as i type it out for him, thought it might be nice to post these words up here.

for anyone in love, looking for love or is in the process of finalising one, this is for you:

Sometimes I sit across from my husband and we talk. We bounce ideas, we laugh, we ramble, we connect. We talk about the stories of the past, the intricate details of the present, and the big possibilities of the unwritten future.

We share dreams, our ideas, our goals, our plan for the future. We lay it all out on the table and we just work it out. Everyone wins. Everyone is inspired.

It's not compromise. It's realignment. I always come away refreshed, recharged, excited and refocused. It's a damn good kinda love.

Sometimes I stop mid-sentence, I gaze across the table and think: This guy is absolutely perfect for me. For my heart, my soul , my everything.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to word it so beautifully but I would definitely have this printed so I would never forget to appreciate the guy who "is absolutely perfect for me".