Shop update: Swing, sing, and dance in May ~~ part 2

Speaking of which, have you caught the trailer for upcoming film The Great Gatsby?

We highly recommend reading the book before going for the film adaptation. Spoilers aside, it's always very big fun reading classic books: We love the old language styles, the dramatic premises, and beautiful old world setting. Plus how cool to learn about the historical context of a time so different from ours. There's a great link on the 1920s Flapper girls here if you're interested.

And how can we not plug our very pretty goods at soon lee? We've got the original book (a beautifully illustrated version published by Penguin), we've got the shoes (Irregular Choice of course!), and we've got the jewellery (have you seen/tried/purchased a Hadasity necklace?). 

Come find us if you want a roaring twenties makeover! We promise fun times and great music. Also, photos of Carey Mulligan in this post, from the latest issue of Vogue, and trailer of the movie here. 

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