While we think every other day could be Valentine's Day, here's a really wonderful love story that will likely warm your heart. Enjoy, and say a chirpy hi to your loved one (like right now!).  

I never intended to get a tortoise.  I was in a troubled relationship with a man who was the opposite of me in almost every way. 

While I felt exiled every time I left Manhattan, he yearned to move to the country.  

When we discovered we both wanted a pet, though, we thought we finally had found common ground. I was allergic to dogs and cats, so we scouted for other possibilities at the pet store. Finally I pointed to a crowded tank, a glossy shell and a pair of orange ringed eyes.

"This is what you want?” he asked doubtfully.  

"I nodded." 

We named the tortoise Minnie, and by the time we realized she was a he, after an eye-popping male display, the name had stuck. “How could we have gotten this wrong?” my boyfriend said, but I didn’t care. How could I not love this strange little creature? 

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