Thank you so much for coming by last weekend despite the long-long 2 days of rain. We've had fun helping you out on the shop floor and hope you love your buys!

To the many ladies who have been supporting us all these years (we know who you are!), it's been great having you. You know we hardly, if ever, put our items up on discount and we're very glad you enjoyed the sale.

We managed to sort out our new arrivals -- steaming, hanging, and packing away as we speak -- and will be putting them out tomorrow. There will be more to come along the week, but we definitely recommend making plans this weekend! What you will see this time round: Pretty, lightweight, flowy dresses to beat the CNY heat with, really chic sheer blouses that can last you a full day of visiting, plus fun skirts and cotton dresses if you prefer a more casual take on your new year get-up.

Our new arrivals will be launched tomorrow Friday 24. See you again!

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