Shop update: New arrivals in store

Are you getting yourself prepared for end-of-the-year festivities? We so are! While we will never get our snowflakes in Singapore, it's always such a wonderful time to reflect and celebrate: To show love, give thanks, and look back at the year. What did you do in 2012? We all had our share of life's small milestones: One of us flew off to India for an adventurous, star-studded holiday, another went solo to Phuket on a rejuvenating Muay Thai trip, one cute new member joined us at soon lee formally, and the last one even got married.

To round the year up, we've put together many fun Christmas buys and brought in seriously pretty clothing, the most gorgeous handmade hairpins, sparkly earrings, very good moisturisers (that come in beautiful bottles) and super shoes that put the 's' in the word statement(!). We're calling this CHRISTMAS IN THE TROPICS, because how glamourous is it to celebrate a summery (sometimes monsoon-y) Christmas?

From now till Christmas Day, we'll have new clothes, gifts and super cute shoes put out weekly. You will like what we have, we know it!

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