Shop update: We are closed for an outing!

We are 5 years old! Thank you for the journey you've taken with us this far: Visiting Soon Lee every lunch time, on weekends with your girlfriends, with your partners, trying out new ideas we put out in the shop, and for trusting us with your various fashion needs/emergencies. We love that you love what we have done. It's been a beautiful ride and we have so much more up our sleeves!

The store will be closed just for today so we can all go on a group outing. Not quite over the mountains, but something quite exciting as well. We promise to come back re-charged with even more great ideas for the store(!).


The soon lee girls and management


Jennie said...

yay and congrats. i love your store, truly.

soon lee said...

Hello J, so so nice to see your comment. Thank you for loving us. See you at the store(!).