What is art to you?

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

Is Art necessary? What does (and can it) it do for us? Do you see it as a toy for the wealthy, or do you think art is around us? To us, great art should inspire awe, delight visually and showcase unbelievable craftmanship.

At its finest, art - like good music, great writing - can be therapy. The time we need to take, to inspect an impossible-to-produce work at close range, the admiration towards an artist's skills -- painting, sculpting, embroidery, moulding. The out-of-the-world ideas that lead to works so unusual, we're forced to react to them. The kind of reaction we don't get from work, shopping, not even good food.

Above all, great art indicates good time spent: On practising over and over again, honing a skill, training the mind, absorbing knowledge and growing as a person.

Sky Mirror, Anish Kapoor

Yvonne Yong, our favourite Channel News Asia anchor whom we have been dressing every Friday night on the news, has a wonderful blog and we loved this paragraph from her latest post:

"Whether you're an actor, athlete, or artist, or perhaps setting up your own business, bar or standing for elections, studying for exams, shedding some weight or starting a new hobby -- to succeed, you gotta turn up.

You have to put in those hours, no matter what time of day or how long it goes on for. Dedication, drive and determination are associated with this notion. And of course, the hours have to be productive -- good quality time spent."


Which brings us to something else we're very excited about: The annual Affordable Art Fair is here! Let's see how we can bring our already productive lives a different dimension with some nice art. Starting today 18 Nov, the AFF ends 20 Nov. Visit their official website for more details.

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