Taking a cheerful middle ground

A big skirt, a cocktail ring, a cute clutch, finished with a great spirit.

On an otherwise unrelated note, we read this essay in the August 22nd issue of Time magazine: On how liberals in the U.S. are complaining about what they see as Obama's tendency to compromise, and take middle ground between (we're gathering) conservative and liberal positions. We loved this quote,"Be of good cheer. To act according to an open and principled pragmatism, to believe in the power of process, is in fact to work for the good".

What a wonderful idea! This October, we're giving cheerful pragmatism a shot -- at work, to friends, our families, and definitely with our outfits.


Joy said...

Talking about rings, I spotted one beauty at Soon Lee. I can't remember the brand, but it is found on the table that is filled with accessories like rings and earrings, and is closest to the dressing rooms. It is 2 tier, white on the inside with a gold-like rim on the outside and costs S$60+. I regretted not getting it when I was there few months then and I'm hoping (very hopeful!) if you still have it. Wondering if you still do?

soon lee said...

Hi there Joy, yes that sounds like a ring we still have at this moment! We've got some new pieces from the jewellery line this month, maybe some other styles will catch your eye too!

Joy said...

Really? Yay, I hope to make my way there this weekend! Cheers and thanks for the update!