Shop update: This is what we would wear

To our holiday right here in the city! Go explore places you've been meaning to/never expect to. Go to the beach, go to the park, go for walks anywhere - just walk! And bring your camera because you never know.

Shenton Way might be fun on weekends too. Imagine how quiet it will be, and how towering the skyscrapers will all the more look with the empty roads (unless of course you already work there Monday to Friday. In which case, try the little streets of Chinatown!). While you are there, walk on and check out the Fullerton Bay Hotel: It is the most beautiful place. And we have been meaning to go to the Dali show at the Art Science Museum. Read all about the grandfather of Surrealism here before you make your visit.

p.s. Pieces you see above are still available at soon lee, but running out kind of fast!

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