Shop update: New arrivals for June/July '11

This month (and next), we're giving you calm colours to ease your way into the mid-year: Expect soothing sea greens, the softest creams and souffle-light pinks. We have them in stylish jersey blouses, chiffon tank tops, fine cotton dresses and quite a variety of shorts to relax in. Of course, there is always space for your favourite dressy pieces from us(!). Designed and tailored with dates, dinners and tea sessions in mind.

In the face of work, family and life's daily pressure --- swing around, square your shoulders, put on a nice dress, keep calm and carry on like you always have.

The new soon lee arrivals will be out in store Friday 24 June 2011

p.s. Did you know that H&M does furniture (that cute picnic shot)? And can you believe the second photo belongs to a series of wedding pictures of a most adorable couple?

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