Knowledge is beauty and this topic is close to our hearts. Know what you wear, and know what you're buying into (literally) - it's our hard-earned money after all! A pretty long video clip but hang in there till the end: We promise the content will be eye-opening.

What do we dress ourselves for? What do we buy things for? When we own/carry a non-essential product (pretty clothes, leather handbags), do we use it to affirm our self-identities or make our calls based on value-for-money?

Is it celebratory if instead of say 2 luxury items, we get to buy 6 of them for the same amount of money? Where do these lower-priced versions come from? Who makes them? Designer knock-offs masked as authentic ones could be run by crime syndicates and supported by Human Trafficking organisations. Did you also know that polished as we look, Singapore is known as a destination country for HT?

This post isn't quite our usual style but we never just look at the pretty side of things here at soon lee and we know you will get us too. Food for thought at today's lunch?

Dana Thomas is the author of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it's Lustre.
And p.s., we are not anti-labels, just pro-knowledge(!).


Alethea Tan said...

This post, if anything, just made me love you guys ever more. :)

soon lee said...

Hi A, thank you for loving us - and this post!