Everyday Glamour and why it's our kind of thing.

While there are the people who live life in fast (and surreal) lanes, most of us go through it doing regular things, in regular tempo, with familiar people. So what's a woman to do? We say dress up anyway(!). 24-7 of the time, every other day of the week.

Even if it's just the supermarket you are off to, and especially so if it's work and the routine dinners with the in-laws. If the Everyday is going to be our only stage, might as well walk through it with aplomb and style. What say you?

The Sartorialist and his beautiful photographs.


Kelly said...

Can I just say how much I too believe in everyday glamour. And I live in a fairly casual city so this everyday glamour makes such good use of the wardrobe around the clock.

soon lee said...

Hi Kelly, and you are totally our everyday-glamour icon from the other side of the world - anytime of the day!

Kelly said...

;) aww thanks