Shop update: New March collection

This time - in a fresh new year - we want to unabashedly embrace all things womanly. After a long run ranging from gender oppression, bra burning liberation (myth or not), the power 80s, to minimal 90s, women - we! - have finally arrived at a point where competence and full fledged female-ness can go hand in hand.

To celebrate that, you will see a smattering of sequins (see top pic) and florals in the forms of brooches and clutches. Dresses in rich chocolate-browns, vests in elegant navy blues, and also the return of your favourite jackets and blazers to balance up your feminine palette.

We've just put out a good selection of our new March pieces in the shop. And like always, more will come along with each new week. See you at soon lee!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a student waiting for my A Level results and would like to know how I might go about getting a part-time job at SoonLee?

soon lee said...

Hi A, please write us at workatsoonlee@gmail.com!

Jenny said...

Wow, beautiful pieces! I am liking it. Will need to make a trip down to the store soon!!