How cute is this. More about the Cardboard project here, and we're beating ourselves up for missing the very cool Affordable Art Fair in Singapore. If you did too, wait out for the next one here. Or if you went for it (and got yourself something) tell us!


notabilia said...

The AAF Singapore was fantastic. I didn't buy anything - we're brand new to Singapore and have other expenses right now - but I will next time!

p.s. Do you carry any local designers/artists in your store?

alina said...

hi, are you hiring part-timers at the moment?

jules said...

The Affordable Art Fair was fantastic! There was a great variety of art in different mediums and styles. And I bought my very first piece! It's a really cool piece by Pascal Dombis.

soon lee said...

Hey N, nice that you got to go and we hope you'll settle down soon here! And yes we do carry a couple of local designers (clothing & accessories).

J, it sounds really great and we're quite determined to get our first from the fair too. Have fun with yours!

Hi A, please write us at workatsoonlee@gmail.com!