Great ideas + Happy Thursday!

We fished this out of our ideas-folder, and felt inspired (and happy) all over again seeing it. Made the mistake of not labelling it and have no absolutely no idea where it came from now. Tell us if you happen to know!


FT said...

wow this is amazing...i had the picture on the right taped by my work desk for a whole year before we had an office makeover!!! it's actually tucked away in a folder somewhere now...i should stick it back up!!! anyway, to answer your question, the pictures are from the glossy wall street journal magazine that comes every month or so? p.s. i stopped by the new store last week and it is truly beautiful! very inspiring :)

soon lee said...

Hi FT, ha! How amazing! Stick it back up if you still have it - we love that you'll probably think of us when you look at it now. See you at the store soon again!