Shop update: A new chapter

It is with our utmost pleasure to announce that soon lee will be expanding. Come June 2010, we will be re-located at a larger, new unit in Haji Lane. To better prepare ourselves for the new place, we've decided to take a short break while we travel the world to bring you more new things.

Our last day at the current shophouse is this Sun 7th Mar. From today till then, we're having a 30% super sale on all our clothes and bags.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for appreciating what we do, for coming back time and again no matter how hot shopping at Haji Lane gets, and for being so game with our every fashion whim and fancy. We love that you love dressing up.

Meanwhile, we'll keep up with our usual posting over here and there's always rockstar you can turn to when you miss us!


Anonymous said...

oh i love your shop and is thrilled to know u are expanding for more interesting stuff. i wonder do u have space for uniquely handmade jewelry. U mite wanna check www.carrytales.etsy.com for more views and info.


Granny P said...

kudos! and congratulations on the expansion! :) looking forward to a brand new Soon Lee!!

Cherie said...

will the vita fede bracelets be on 30% sale too?

natalie said...

hello, do you guys carry BAGGU's duck bag? what colours do you have?
thanks (:

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know if the toms shoes will be on 30% on sunday too? thank u! :)


OpusMuse said...

how exciting...congrats on your expansion! will surely pop by to check out the new place :)

ampulets said...

Hi, miss soon lee (florence, right?). Did you receive the 'turtle' poster that we sent you just before the year end?

and btw, congrats on the expansion! :)

soon lee said...

Hi all, thank you so much for your love!

Our sale at SL is still going on (two more days!). While there isn't a sale at RS, we promise the goods are cute as ever.

Mr & Mrs Amp (it's sharon!), hello and yes we did! The turtle is on our wall right now.

Anonymous said...

hii sharon! esther here. :) congrats on your expansion! so happy for your success! hopefully you get some time to rest abit and enjoy your travelling while working!

krisc said...

Congrats on your expansion! I would miss your shop and the stuff you carry. Was so looking forward to going there over the weekend to see if there's any bags/clothes that I can get!