via off the shelf, a japanese packaging design scrapbook. thanks to seesaw designs.


JM said...

Hello Soonlee!
I'm super depressed that i missed the recent sale on dec20. Any sales nw/upcoming sales?

Plus, I'm getting some clothes for work, formal wear. I'm 18 this yr, jz done w my a levels. 1.62m. Flabby arms. Working hard on my tummy now too, haha. Short straight hair.

I'm lost at getting formal work wear that's not boring. I would like to b unique, but practical at the same time. Comfort greatly welcomed too. Could you help in suggesting a few looks? thanks!:D

PS. I got my grad tea clothes @Soon Lee for o lvls

soon lee said...

hi JM, thank you for your very lovely note. what an exciting time for you. we'll be writing soon with a post!

all of us at soon lee

JM said...

Thanks, hope to hear from u guys soon and HAPPY NEW YR! :D

May I know around when will u guys b posting?