Shop update: Skirts & parties

Our new Dec collection is out.

Instead of talking about dresses, we thought it would be nice to celebrate the awesomeness of skirts. That's right. The Queen of mix-and-match, the very essence of investment-purchases, the reason why the word versatility even exists.

Skirts are like superheroes. But more elegant. They transform outfits with the switch of a belt, a pair of shoes or the swift tucking in and out of the same blouse.

Come see the new skirts at soon lee. And the dresses, and a couple of blazers.

Friday 04 Dec '09

wonderful illustration by miss capricho


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm wondering if you are hiring at the moment?

gracie said...


Pls send your resume and availability to workatsoonlee@gmail.com.


soon lee said...

Hi A, that will be the email. Thanks G!