Shop update: New SL arrivals

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we can be quite old school with some things in life. like the idea of dressing up for a nice dinner. or the concept of putting on a great dress for a date - first or otherwise.

this month, we want to really sell you the idea that you could - should! - make an effort to dress up for your lunch with the girls, the usual saturday dinner with your partner, and even that 12th wedding dinner you have to attend.

and we've brought in a huge number of dresses into SL to do just that: chic tunics, simple day dresses, nice A-line pieces and a very elegant (new!) selection of formfitting jersey numbers. plus, a super fierce cotton/linen jumper we know you will like. new stock out from Friday 21 Aug onwards.


The Fjs said...

Ooo....Great! we love dresses.can't wait to check them out.

FiftySleeps said...

Save some for me!

ceneple said...

is it possible to post the new arrivals on your blog ?

thanks ! =D

K said...

No need to convince over here! I love love love to dress up... what ever the occasion.