Something for the boys

our good neighbour at unit 51 - Know It Nothing - has very recently launched the first parter to their new in-house label and already we are blown away: SIFR essentials is a series of premium grade cotton tees. they are super soft, come in 3 different styles and because they're unisex, we are so getting ourselves a couple of them(!). available right now at KIN.

if your husband/boyfriend/partner wants more boys' stuff from haji lane, there's also Sup who has a really great line of shirts and printed tees, and of course the always dependable white room.


plastiqgurl said...

nicee..will definitely check our soon lee and the neighbours real soon ;)

Prisca H. said...

Yes, KIN clothes are gorgeous, and they were so nice to deliver them to my bf in melbourne as im in perth! and sadly, my soon lee voucher has expired coz i left sg in march!

soon lee said...

hello plstg. great! so we'll see you around HL one of these days.

pris, it works great as a bookmark too! we'll get you another voucher when you're back.