Shop update: This might just

be the most flattering dress you would ever have tried on. available now in sizes s and m, colours black and off-white.


Liz said...

looks cute! do you have an online shop?

y said...

Hi, I suggest
1. having an online shop.
2. conveniently placing price tags on the clothes

It will be so awesome.

clareassiral said...

such a teaser! Now i'm curious!

soon lee said...

hi there l, we have no online shop for now. but would so love to be able to reach out to you and everyone else overseas!

hey y, are you based somewhere else too? if you live here, do come by the shop! new designs are put out weekly. plus, SL is really all about the physical shop: we guarantee you'll walk away with so much more than just nice clothes!

hi c, you caught us! we hope we've teased you enough to tempt you into making a visit!

Sharon said...

such lovely ruffles!

elaine said...

how much are those? i would be really great if you can include the price in the future! (: