Shop update: April collection

this month it's all about colours! ok yes, and some blacks, a couple of dark blues and how can we not stock our favourite greys? new arrivals out this weekend, from Friday 10th onwards.
* new colours from Dr Denim jeansmaker
* hats
* floral bangles
photograph via oh joy


Jessica said...

beautiful photo!!

I love it. if you ever want to advertise on my blog please let me know.

gracie said...

yeah! :)

noispollution said...

i went to your boutique and got the floral bangles =) loving it!

soon lee said...

hi j, we will!

g, hope you made it. (:

np, great to know!

gracie said...

yoz, i pop by yesterday! love the yellow chiffony blouse but didnt try. out of my budget la! haa

the beige long-swinging-ruffles-skirt is pretty too.. i dont look gd in e dress version, how do you recommend to wear the long skirt in style?

soon lee said...

hello gracie, try a 70s flower child look, but modern! wear a fitted thin cotton tee tucked out, belted around the hip with a nice leather belt. finish with a long necklace/s or stacks of colourful bangles!

soon lee said...

oh and we forgot to mention, it's a two-way piece- you can wear it as a tube dress as well! cinch it with a belt around the waist for a more manageble shape.

gracie said...

oooh.. okay!

oh! and theres this lovely stripey (cream/navy or was it black) long sleeved top.. i reckon the length requires leggings yea?

cos i plan to ditch my leggings for e summer.. sighh. a pity!

soon lee said...

hey gracie, shorts!