And so the year begins

after a frenzy of holidays, we finally(!) feel like it's time for the new year - and our resolutions - to kick in. over at our shop, we're tripping over ourselves bringing out all our new things! we told you about our new Vita bangles. this weekend will also see the launch of Dr Denim spring/summer collection in the most delicious colours and styles. plus, new colours for our IRREGULAR CHOICE shoes.

AND we are getting such a rush of inspiration for 2009: from pyjamas-inspired wear (see above and this lady) to karen walker's boyish get-ups thanks to fashion nation. oh and if you're wondering, we do have new clothing in store! gorgeous silk blouses, cool jumpsuits and lovely plaid dresses and scarves because as sarah mower puts it, "even when times are dark, there's still room for clothes to make women keel over with desire."

source: style.com pictures: teen vogue


mode-ulation said...

this campaign is really fresh for spring.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This was one of my favortie photo shoots in the March 2009 issue of Teen Vogue. Who doesn't love the idea of wearing men's pajamas as clothes?