And the voucher goes to

so we've done our random lucky dip(!). if you are mentioned in this post, drop us an email at ishopsoonlee.gmail.com to find out how to get your $10 voucher from us. we've been going your through all your tips, madly taking down notes and planning for our islandwide adventure / assignment. thanks to every single one of you for your entries and for making this so fun!
-- tze
-- melissa
-- dandylien
-- sherley
-- jars of heaven
-- schmiles
-- jeanine
-- camie
-- jo
-- alicesuede


alicesuede said...

wow i cant believe i was picked!:D
am in the process of sending you guys an email but hotmail is giving me problems!roar.

thanks guys!

rachel said...

Hey, just wondering if you guys are organising some outdoor/special events based on this research. Can public get involved?

soon lee said...

hi rachel, actually no but you got us thinking there! we'll be posting here if we can come up with something. any suggestions?

yue said...

sungei road thieves' market! and helipad outdoor at central and klee at portsdown area!