Happy Holidays!

christmas day open house at the singapore art museum (no admission charges). converse warehouse sale from now till 25 Dec, run quick! Spend 24 Dec at our favourite casual poet who's got a cute christmas eve secret movie screening + little beer party all planned out. AND come to SL today, tomorrow and day after! we've been rushing out lots of new clothes and little gifts for last minute festive shopping.

great pictures and ideas above (poms poms on christmas trees!) via black eiffel.


Anonymous said...

pardon me what are the range of colours you guys have for BAGGU? will you bring in more colours? what's the price range like? thanks!

soon lee said...
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soon lee said...

hi! oops. that was us with some wrong info up there. so anyway, we stock almost all the colours and yes we're bringing in more (new!) colours and they cost $16 for one, $45 for three pcs.