The evening post

hi may, here's our two cents' worth to your query! we're assuming it's a floral maxi dress you're talking about. your best bet could be a pair of gold/silver stilettos, which would be a great classic to own if you find yourself having to buy new shoes to go with your current dress. and don't forget nice nail colours for your feet!

you could finish off with a clutch and if you want to stretch your dollar a little, go for large clutches instead of exquisite little ones. the large ones can be great as weekend day bags too: we love the contrast of glamourous shine with casual cotton(!).


lynn said...

hello soonlee shopkeepers!

i would like to seek your advice as well. my prom is coming up, and i wonder what kind of dresses you would recommend? i'm looking to "invest" in a dress that i wouldn't wear for just one time, and is unique enough so that it won't blend in with the rest of the daniel yam-esque dresses many people will be wearing. your help is greatly appreciated :) thank you!

may said...

Yes it is a floral maxi dress and your suggestion of gold stilettos and large clutch could be the best solution to dress it up! Thanks!

soon lee said...

hi lynn, we'll get back to you on this in about a week's time!