Making the idea of family possible

the top people in our country have been very anxious about increasing the national birth rate for some time now. karen, our favourite mummy of the century, recently listed the beautifully busy schedule she keeps with a 3 year and 5 year old in tow.

it's wonderful that karen's husband gets to be home by 5pm. when we were holidaying in NYC, WL and i noticed people starting work as early as 7am (from the schedule it seems like karen's husband starts his at 8). this way, people get off work by early evening, get to have proper dinner with loved ones and can actually have the choice to turn in early. perhaps we could start by lobbying for earlier working hours?

here's the strangely inspiring schedule that got us started on this topic. enjoy it! picture by shades of mediocrity.

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Miss Bamboo said...

I think not so much of earlier working hours but more of flexible working hours where people can get to choose when they start and end. Also I think we should start looking at going home on the dot at 5pm or 6pm as something that is RIGHT or NORMAL, instead of something deemed lazy. I enjoyed working in the College because everyone went home to their families at 5pm, and nobody stayed late. I like that kind work environment. Unless you work in A&E, nothing can't wait till tomorrow.