Hey lynn,

we're so sorry that we can't give you any immediate solution for your fascinator search, but there's this local accessory designer elaine pang who had made a small collection of beautiful fascinators for SL some time ago. perhaps you could get one customised for yourself? good luck and tell us about it! really cute picture from the paper planes.


Grace said...

Hi Lynn, Sharon,

I actually MADE a fascinator from scratch before. it's not too difficult - i got all my materials from spotlight and some faux flowers from Barang Barang- see the result here:


email me at: gracemariatang@gmail.com if you want to ask more questions!


lynn said...

Hi Sharon, don't be sorry! much thanks for helping me out on the research and providing the link to elaine's web despite yr busy schedule! I'm pretty desperate right now since i have to get all 10 done by friday (yup.. 10..)!! And having possibly combed the entire island of ours over the past weeks.. (@_@)

Hi Grace, your fascinator is indeed fascinating! I might just take up your suggestion and make them on my own! and yes! Most materials can be found at spotlight and even chinatown!

Wish me luck guys! :)

thank you once again!!

soon lee said...

hey grace, the fascinator you made looks great! thanks for tips for lynn. (:

hello lynn, take pictures and link us up when they're done k. best of luck!