Case in point

inspired by May who wrote to us here, and the conversations we've had with customers in the shop, we thought it best to let the pictures do the talking: skinnies for the tall, petite, curvy and slim lady, in an amazing palette of styles for so many different occasions. you have absolutely no excuse this time(!).
pictures via instyle.


Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realise so many celebs were fans of Dr. Denim.. Just curious, what's the price range of the jeans pls?


soon lee said...

hey mel, oops they aren't all Dr Ds! we loved how the pics highlighted so many ways of dressing up the same cut of jeans tho. Dr Denim ranges from $139 - $149.

May said...

Thank you Soon Lee! I am making my way down to Haji lane very soon! Hope you've got size 30.... ;)

Chev said...

Now, if only we can find skinnies for big girls like me;) Waiting for good news:)