Meet pea

she dresses cute, lives in a beautiful old apartment with her boyfriend in western singapore and makes the most delectable looking dishes & pies. how is it possible that we live on the same island and she gets to lead such a perfect life?


Anonymous said...

it looks like one of those black/white colonial houses where mrs fj is workin.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. couldnt believe that she lives on the same island as me. time to reflect, to reinvent myself and my life. ; ) quietletters

Stephie said...

you have a beautiful shop filled with beautiful things... it's a charmed life too. thanks for sharing, this is the kind of shots which inspire me. (:

Dee. said...

i would love to visit your shop.
but i have no idea how to get to haji lane.

and there's the matter of you know?
the ching-ching(money)


jo said...

you know how you post about really nice and inspiring art and decor? after we visited SL on sunday i can so imagine someone featuring your place as well!

soon lee said...

mr fj, i think so wor.

QL, reinvention can be such a joy. have fun!

dee, you'll be glad to know SL won't be a threst to your wallet at all!

stephie, jo, thnk you babes. (:

pea said...

thanks for the lovely introduction and feature. Not everyone of my dishes look and taste delectable all the time! By dressing in what i like and trying to make lovely food, it helps to make daily routines and life more fun and interesting!:)

thanks soon lee.

soon lee said...

you're most welcome!