The Feast of Han Xizai

this opera sounds super interesting. a taiwanese performance group got inspired by a famous Tang dynasty painting The Feast of Han Xizai, and decided to have scenes of the painting come alive on stage.

the artwork is considered a precious documentation of the fashion, music, dance, and floral art of the Tang dynasty (the original painting is now residing in the national museum of beijing in the forbidden city), so we're expecting quite a visual feast too!

the painting tells the story of the late Tang bon vivant Han Xizai who gave up his life of luxury and became a wandering musician as a gesture to protest against a world of political chaos and low morality. and this is really cool: to tell the story, the group revived two lost musical art-forms. one of which - the nanyin music - is a 1000 yr-old chinese imperial court music style.

the show is on only for a day on 13 sep sat at the esplanade. more about the production here, a nice picture here, and book your tickets here!

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maggienikole said...

oh, i do wish i could go!