We're One!: The giveaways

So we're starting the party and the giveaways at 2pm and this is all you have to do:

0~ Free balloons in the wildest colours by just walking in!

0~ Free lollipop & ice-cream with any purchase.

0~ A pair of the cutest fabric badges if you spend above $60.

p.s. the fabric badges (pictured above) are specially handmade by our designer friend for SL. they're only available this sat, while stock lasts, so don't come too late!


AND, we're also doing a blog giveaway because you've been the sweetest audience and we still can't believe our fortune of having a blog that actually has regular readers.

so we're giving away a pair of fabric badges each to 10 of you!

Tell us your name, where you live and 3 things in life you find most inspiring by leaving a comment here. It could be a particular time of a day, a loved one, an icon, a place, an art movement, a book, anything!

WL and i will be announcing the winners by 5pm tomorrow, 25 July, at singapore time. we'll post the badges to you if you live overseas. come collect yours at SL if you're based here. have fun!


Mel W. said...

Wow ice cream and balloons sounds incredibly fun!! And the badges are the cutest! I'll definitely come by to catch in on the action.

Well three things that most inspire me...hmmm

- Long walks in London on my own or with pals
- Talking about aspirations over pizza and beer with my bf
- Catchup coffees with gal pals!!!

Do I get the cute badges? I live in Singapore :)

Jennifer said...

1. My 6 year old daughter’s passion and determination when she tries to execute a position at gymnastic class
2. To be alive and awake every morning doing the things that I like
3. Reading on the internet or a book and getting inspired by ordinary and not so ordinary people alike.

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer L, Singapore

huilin said...

hello! congrats on turning one! I've always loved soon lee since it was started =)

3 things that inspire me:
- meeting/reading/hearing about other people who've been there, done that, and achieved amazing things with their life
- the creativity of bloggers/inspirations of bloggers around the world that I glean from daily design/fashion/food blogs-urfing
- wandering around, be it in singapore or anywhere in the world, with open eyes and really LOOKING. even the randomest thing (like post boxes) can inspire me. =)

kamz said...

congratulations & celebrations!

My inspirations:

- White walls.The sheer potentional of them drives me crazy. =)

- Smiles and crazy laughs from people who had it tough. Life can be brutal to some, but the human spirit is an amazing thing and that inspires me to dream great things.

- my folks. for showing me that unconditional love makes ordinary people..extraordinary!

much love!

Ilyana said...

Three things that inpires me the most:

- Pride and Prejudice (The film which Keira Knightly starred in.)

- The smell of rain

- Lastly, my Grandmother, whom gave the best advices.

And I live in Singapore and sometimes drop by to your shop (but to shy to talk to you)!

Dell said...

Three things:

- All fruit: the colours, the shapes, the tastes, and the smells (I'm vegetarian and so obsessed!)

- Couples holding hands: schoolchildren, Shenton Way-ites, but especially old couples

- 'Double Happiness' wall stickers: wedding not necessary, we all need a crimson double-dose of 'xi' in our lives

I take turns being in Singapore and England. I've certainly been to your shop -- and I've had my photo on the blog! Proudest moment of my sartorial career! Happy anniversary, here's to many more. <3

Rachel said...

I am inspired by:

1. Dawn breaking after a long night at work, watching the fleecy blanket of purple-blue slowly blush into a rosy gold... that suddenly slips into the fierce brightness of day which we all know too well

2. Secret smiles and a twinkle in the eye of people sharing a private moment, too special to name

3. True stories of acceptance and courage in the face of illness or misfortune, and the confidence and candour to carry on with whatever life throws your way

cch netball # 18 eileen said...

1. when i look at my mum's vintage photos! and regret it when she told me they are all gone =X

2.school. everyday's a new day!

3.my mind itself. inspirations can come from ourselves too!

eil, sg

Rachel said...

hey guys, congratulations on turning one and keep up the good work with your fabulous shop!

1. peacefully watching the sunrise or sunset at the beach
2. travelling to different countries, immersing myself in cultures so unique and diverse from one another and observing how people live
3. capturing special moments and beautiful places with my camera, which never fail to give me new perspective when i return to look at them.

rachel, singapore.

phoebe said...

There's already so much character in Soon Lee, it seems like you guys are more than a year old!

My Inspirations:

1. Times during childhood where my family would have dinner together and spend our Sundays taking the MRT all the way from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay just for fun.

2. My dreams and fantasies, created on rainy days, which I want to see them come alive.

3. The many complex emotions bottled up in my wrenched up heart after every relationship, friendship, failure or rejection.

The happy moments? They are already released in the form of huge explosive laughters at that point of time!

Happy Birthday to You!

Phoebe (Singapore)

kirmizi kemik said...

hey I'm jasmine, from turkey..

1.my favourite book, living out loud:)don't have to read at all, nothing but just turnin down the pages gives me so much inspiration!
2.an evening of art,food and music on bosphorus!!
3.giving a hug to my mother,dad passed away,I pray everyday that she's with me.


Elaine said...

Happy one year! :)

Things that inspire me:

1. Modernism (art and architecture)
2. Joy and optimism during rough times.
3. Love!

Elaine (Singapore)

soon lee said...

hi girls, thnks for being so candid with this. loving every entry! we'll be doing the draw & announcing the winners here in approx. six & half hours. best of luck!

Anonymous said...


The three things that inspire me...

. Summer in Paris (or Pah ree)
. My Man, the fitness nazi :O)
. My mom who will walk to end of the earth for me.. her unconditional love, patience and support.

SC, I want that badge!!! Pick Me Pick Me

I live in Singapore too.

xoxo Miss Kamar

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Soon Lee!

3 things that inspire me:

1. Jacks of all trades - growing up my mom used to say Who wants to be a Jack of all trades and a Master of none?

I do! I don't know why this is said like an insult. I'm always inspired by people who try everything. Life's too short to be limited to just one thing!

2. This verse, in TS Eliot's Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock:

"Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea"

Just because it's nice to believe that we all have the luxury of choices and the luxury of time.

3. My best friend Kaixin! She personifies DIY. Need someone to operate a power drill or make killer tempura mushrooms? Give her a call!

Pls send the badges to me in HK! I promise to give one to her when she comes and visits. I will take a picture of us wearing the badges and send it to you.

sin said...

Hi, Sharon and WL!

Congratulations on your baby turning one! You must be very proud.

Here are my three:

1. I love talking to my love, and being inspired by his love for me to do more, learn more, be more.
2. I love my girl friends for their resilience, and for the safe space we've created in which we can share our hopes, our dreams, our joys, and disappointments.
3. Travelling inspires me. I love wandering in a foreign place, and finding beauty everywhere.

Cheers, Sin Yee.

Anonymous said...

Happy One Year, Soon Lee n cheers to many many birthdays ahead! =)

3 things that inspire me...

1) The first has GOT to be Mother Nature. I draw so much inspiration from the greenness of the trees, the blueness of the sky, the raw beauty of animals (just look at the symmetry of the tiger's face!), the peaceful song of gentle waves, the texture of soft sand and smooth petals, even the coarse unevenness of the bark of trees... These elements of nature influence every aspect of my life from the way I dress…to my choice of activities…to the music I listen to…to the shows I watch… ( you get the drift! ;) )

2) Individuality : I love to look at the way people dress...talk...interact…especially those who are different from the masses. I’m inspired by those who simply be who they want to be and are not afraid to express themselves in their own way!

3) Sheer Willpower : It's amazing how successful people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. That amount of drive, passion and determination I see in athletes, politicians, even my fellow classmates...inspire me endlessly. It's these people who constantly remind me that (close to) Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

I’ve shopped at soon lee several times…I just love the ambience of the shop and the simply chic designs that ya’ll bring in. Go, Soon Lee! =)


missy chrisEve (Singapore)

rae said...

sounds awesome! happy birthday, soon lee!

the three most inspiring things to me are...

1. late nights in school with my friends - even though we're all stressed out rushing to finish up our projects, the quality time we spend together is refreshing. plus, after dark is when you see everyone's crazy side.

2. alice in wonderland - an awesome children's classic, what's there not inspiring of this? cs lewis has captured childhood fantasies of adults in the greatest book ever.

3. nigella lawson - i love the way she describes food. the way she uses adjectives is just pure genius.

anyway, congratulations again, soon lee! may you grow and expand into a wonderful empire. :)

rae (singapore)

may said...

happy birthday soon lee! i hope i'm not too late...

#1: places:
i love to visit a new country, eat new food, buy postcards and do touristy things. the sight of a plane ticket bearing my name excites me!

#2: people:
one of the best things about the internet is reading about the things people living in a different continent do, wear and see. it's even better when they take gorgeous photos.

#3: books:
there is nothing like a good book that generates new thoughts and ideas, words that resonate with so much meaning as you take them in.


Anonymous said...


Congratz and Cheers! Hope you'll "branch" out to many more shoplets to come!!!

I'm inspired by:

1. My 7mth old baby girl who is a living breathing testament to faith in life that despite being born with a hole in the heart, a spinal deformity and other congenital abnormalities-she would still wake up every morning and give us the brightest smile!

2. My 4 year old son for his boundless energy, innocence and his huge capacity of forgiveness to his parents who have spent little time with him since his little sister was born.

3. God-truly inspirational, created the whole world in less than a week, how many could achieve even a quarter of his greatness? And much less, breathe miracle and hope into our lives through the birth of my daughter!

God bless!


christina said...

Hi soon lee!

congrats on turning one =) i really love your shop!

so here's what gives me inspiration.

firstly, as weird as it may seem, difficult times actually inspire me as they give me a new perspective about life.

secondly, going to a place i've never been to before. be it a new shop, new restaurant, or new country.

thirdly, a visit to an art store like spotlight or stationary shop and looking at all the available materials helps to get the idea machine churning =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

My Inspirations:

1. Synchronicity – “meaning coincidences” that things happened for a reason and the wonderful realisation the moment it clicks.

2. CafĂ© & Coffee – Watching people and life goes by. Reading book or just catching up with friends. Comfort by the coffee.

3. Collage – special collection I put up with pictures, words and phases which I like and inspire by.

Ad (from Singapore)

Jasmine said...

Three things that inspire this Katong girl:

1. My neighbourhood which never sleeps- a seething mass of piping-hot laksa, dumpling sellers, colonial architecture, seedy KTV parlours and a couple of eclectic design stores (if you know where to look)!

2. My thirteen-year-old Normal Technical students, who are bright, gregarious, lively and never forget their favourite teachers- who never stop believing in themselves even when everybody else has given up on them.

3. Freshly-cut lemons in my fridge- it might not be particularly inspirational to some, but I just like the smell.

I love the well-edited, versatile selection of clothing in your store!

Jasmine (Singapore)

Miss C Bamboo said...


I love the badges!

My answers are very simple:
1. Life
2. Death
3. Love

Happy 1st Anniversary. I love ths shop!

agrasshopper said...

hello there!

Ah! I've missed this special day in sg, however it's still saturday here in US, so Happie Happie Birthday and many more~~~~

The drawing is over BUT will still love to share my inspirations:

1. Nature - just look around
2. Love - things we will do and fight for
3. Time - because I know I don't have forever

soon lee said...

hello agh, thnks for your wishes! p.s. your list looks so much like ours.