Project Layering

I have a girlfriend who loves winter wear and is never able to resist those chic tweed-ish cropped jackets Zara makes almost every f/w season (even though she only gets to wear them to this one particularly cold meeting room in her office).

Recently, in a bid to help her better spend her money, we started this project that involves checking out great fall/winter styling and then coming up with summerfied versions that would make us look as good and feel even greater in our superbly hot weather.

We're calling it Project Layering and are now officially on the hunt for all things lightweight & pile-friendly. 3.1 Philip Lim has a beautifully styled look book that has given us enough eye candy to get started.

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jo said...

when i think of layering for the tropics the first thing that comes to mind is hk/korean/japanese street style. somehow their stuff always looks v light and layer-able, haha. but theirs is a pretty distinct kinda style, not sure if you guys are veering in that direction!