Photography: Eugenio Recuenco

more cool works of his here.


astrid said...

looks lovely! i will have a looks at his works.

i am very happy with the blouse i bought from you a couple of weeks ago. here it is:
thank you

soon lee said...

astrid, you look so lovely in that blouse! thanks for showing us your picture. hey, do you also illustrate - the ones we see on your flickr, your work?

astrid said...

thanks! yes i am very happy with it, it is like the only thing i want to wear now. Do/will you have it in any other fabric or pattern?

i do and it is:) I was in singapore for holiday and also to be able to go to our opening at front row, eight swedish illustrators.

gmail seems to call me astrid which is also my name but i go by gabriella or gabbi for short:)

soon lee said...

wow great, congratulations on that! love your work. and hey, the two patterns were the only ones we had. but i'm sure we'll have some other nice pcs for your next visit!