so here we are!

Feeling a little nostalgic having just left our old blog. Been sorting out pictures from our archives and realise this is also the perfect time to answer Jayce's question from a week back.

Hi Jayce, we're not experts but if you want to get your own little shop going we'll say start by collecting ideas! Travel lots (WL and I spent 3 months in different european cities), ask questions, observe, touch, record. Read articles & be aware of what other people are doing with their businesses. Understand your own interests and talents, be realistic about your own flaws but don't focus on them. Have a vision.

More importantly, create original business content. Something that comes from your heart, your own experience and ideals. No one can take that away from you (tough to at least) and you would have done something you can be truly proud of!


Anonymous said...

ooh i'd love to start something like that too. does it take a lot a lot a lot a lot of capital? i wish i could do this right after uni, but that is not very possible is it... sigh. haha

soon lee said...

hey wottonc, why hurry? take the time you need & enjoy working life before you go for the kill!

agrasshopper said...

congrats on your anniversary! Is there any particular reason you switched over? I'll be checking back regularly anyhows~