A couple of Dahl stories

sophie dahl is such a beautiful girl. plus she had like the best grandfather in the world. have you ever been to the roald dahl website? you have to! it's really colourful & fun. check out RD's biography while you're there. his life makes such a nice story.

also, did you know that the grandmother in The Witches was written based on his own mother and the character sophie in The BFG was written based on the model?

The wonderful story of Henry Sugar and The Witches were two of my favourites. but now that I'm thinking through all of his books again, I can't seem to choose. is it even possible to pick a favourite roald dahl story? do you have any? we'll love to hear about your favourites and what you like about them!

(photography: ryan m kelly)


Bamboo Shoot said...

I kinda enjoyed Matilda and reading about how she disliked her TV watching parents. There is always something we don't like about our Mums and Dads so I really identified with the story.

athena said...

What about The Twits? I adored how they had to stick themselves to the ceiling. Heh. But the Henry Sugar story ranks among my favourites too... I remember when I was a child I basically believed everything I read about in story books, and actually tried the staring at the candle thing for awhile.

Clearly I'm not meant to be a yogi. ):

soon lee said...

haha, yes i think i did the candle thing too, and i love matilda!

miaow said...

Matilda, hands down! This book was one of few others that made me love reading, and being such a bookworm.
Roald Dahl makes geeks feel special :)

agrasshopper said...

oh gosh, where do I start?
Danny the champion of the world
Charlie and the chocolate factory
The Witches and many more.........

I cannot decide! You make me want to re-read all of them again! I'm so glad we had books instead of computers during my time........


soon lee said...

hello m. (:

g, we been digging through the bookshelf trying to locate all our old RD books. time for re-reads!

Jean said...

Yup, Matilda is THE book for all those kids out there who have somehow always felt like the ultimate misfit in the family, in school, etc. But in a good way, of course. Don't forget RD writes excellent short stories for adults too. Love his tales of the unexpected!

Stephie said...

my favourite's definitely the Witches . Additionally, a big draw of the books for me were the straggly illustrations by Quentin Blake.

If you like Dahl, you should enjoy a peek into his study here: http://books.guardian.co.uk/graphic/0,,2282021,00.html