Accessories: Portraits

two months ago, WL and I met shilin, a talented jewellery designer. we started talking about making accessories together and today we're very happy to announce that the collection - Portraits - is available at soon lee!

the idea: was to create a style of necklaces we didn't have to work too hard to use. created based on a range of colour palette - blues, oranges, greys, the list goes on - to make colour coordination easy, one necklace can go a long way (or plenty of outfits in this case).

usage instructions: throw them on at the very last minute, just before you step out of the house. made with: gemstones and vintage trinkets sourced by shilin, the first collection of Portraits is now available at soon lee. there are only one of each design so don't wait too long to come by!


Cindy said...

Can't wait to see them. When are they available?

soon lee said...

they're in store. see ya! (: