a secret bookshelf passage(!). how new-school is this old-school idea? via you are my fave.


beautiful paintings by Tali. plus blue dresses are so charming. via decor 8.

on a slightly more serious note, cerre just dedicated a post to the oil leak that just can't stop. the tanker collision on our shores has uncannily brought the same issue right to our doorsteps.



Pretty wallpaper that has seen its way around the web, and totally deserving of one more compliment. via 2 or 3 things. And what do you use to hold your keys? key chains/holders say so much about their owners. from the selby.


Only 3 things on her,

and she looks so good. from who else? plus, how can we not tell you that you can (must!) get this entire look here.


A gem of a man

chinatown / the old c.k. tang

the recent passing away of one of our greatest politician brought such a wave of nostalgia, it somehow led us to these most amazing pictures of singapore and malaya in the 1960s (that first picture is so graphic, it almost feels like we should see our grandparents in there). also, did you catch this moving tribute to Dr Goh on television? you really, really have to.

beautiful (wedding?) dresses. so dramatic! or if you prefer something simpler, this is sweet. spread via vogue italia.

into watercolour paintings lately. more of kate's works here.


what a curious looking lamp(!). via oh joy.

this picture is so so gorgeous. plus, tooth-fairy politics in the united states, and how relevant some parts of it are to us.